911 2.4S Restoration

Here at Specialist Cars of Malton, we pride ourselves in the quality of our restoration projects. This Porsche 911 2.4s is a perfect example of our attention to detail when restoring a car.

In it’s early life it was used as a race car and then used by an EarlĀ to teach his younger family to drive on his estate. When the car was brought to us, we knew we had a lot of work to do to get this up to scratch.

This restoration began with stripping it out and giving it a complete nut and bolt restoration. This means that everything down to the washers were taken out and restored individually.

We then proceeded to remove the engine and gearbox to give them a compete rebuild, ensuring that they were both restored to their former glory.

All the interior was then upgraded and refurbished back to its original standard with a modern day radio being fitted that matches the retro styling.

The suspension and brake system have been given a complete overhaul in order ensure the best quality build.

Then to finish, the car was painted to Cream from its Black and Red race colours.