Porsche 928 GTS


Year – 1992, Engine Size – 5.4, Mileage – 15,000, Colour – Amazon Green, Interior – Classic Grey


Vehicle Description

Year – 1992
Engine Size – 5.4
Mileage – 15,000
Colour – Amazon Green
Interior – Classic Grey

With declining sale from the Porsche 911, Porsche decided that they were going to discontinue the 911 and would replace by the Porsche 928. This new car came with a new liquid-cooled, front-engine car was designed to address the shortcomings of the air-cooled rear-engine 911. One of the reasons for the front-engine/rear-drive design was to allow room for required catalysts and mufflers. It was subsequently decided that the two cars would be sold side by side. The most iconic feature on the 928 is the headlights. The headlights could be popped up to show a bullet shaped “snail-eyes”. The car was a huge success as the 928 was voted European car of the year in 1978 and is the only sports car to have won this.

Between 1992-1995, the 928 GTS (Grand Turismo Sport) was created with a 5.4 Litre and 345BHP. The changes compared to the 928 was that the bodywork was updated with flared rear fenders. It also came with a stronger manual gearbox with differential driven oil pump and front mounted oil cooler. It was also becoming available in North America in 1992.

The car was manufactured in 1992 and first registered in February 1994 by Porsche Japan. It was then imported into the UK in 2015 where it is sitting in our showroom today.

extras include-
• Top Tinted Windscreen
• Sun Roof
• Soft Look Leather Front Seats

A full service history is present and as always the car comes with our excellent 1 year warranty, with 12 months Tax and MOT. As well as a full tank of fuel, a car cover and optimate.

Additional information

0 to 60

5.4 Seconds



Body Style


Engine Capacity


Top Speed




Engine Layout

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