993 Turbo Evolution


Vehicle Description

Engine Capacity: 3.8
Transmission: Manual
Top Speed: 196Mph
BHP: 580

This has to be the ultimate 993 turbo. This car has been cherished and subject to a no expense spared upgrade program which has seen an astonishing £184,000 spent making it a truly unique supercar.

Full paint restoration September 2008.
All UK 993 turbos came with sunroof as standard, it is something the previous owner never
used so decided to have it replaced by a non sunroof GT2 type roof for a
few reasons:
1) He prefered the look of the smooth roof line
2) Save about 15kg from the highest point of the car
3) The sunroof is prone to flying out around 190mph !
New non sunroof Porsche roof was fitted along with internal roll over
protection carried out so it is un-noticable to the casual observer but offers
greater roll over strength and added chassis rigidity
As part of the work the rain gutters were removed (as 959). This was
professionally done with lead used as the primary filler to achieve outstanding
and durable results. New Plexiglass windows were added the rear window (supplied by DP Motorsport) which is fitted on a carbon spacer so the
window is flush with the roof to give a very aerodynamic and attractive finish.
The car wears OEM 993 GT2 rear spoiler and FVD GT2 front splitter together
with FVD GT2 wheels arch flares with proper inner wheel arch protection. All
the fittings are high quality stainless steel.
The car is fitted with a set of Techart carbon parts namely front bonnet and
doors (the doors have high strength steel side impact beams and comply with
UK regulations), together with the lightweight interior this brings the DIN
weight of the car down to 1440kg (with 90% full fuel tank)

The car has its unique Internal roll cage for added rigidity and safety, it is set
up as a daily driver with all the comforts as a road car.The seats are Cobra Misano which are the lightest recliners on the market
coming in around 13kg inc Recaro runners.The doors and dash have a carbon fibre trim and the steering wheel is Techart Carbon and Alacantra.

The engine has evolved over the years starting as a 520hp RS Tuning stage 2
kit then with the addition of more modern 996tt K24/26 turbos and different race exhaust sported 544hp. In 2006 it spent 4 months with Rhienhold
Schmirler who created the current masterpiece:
Base: 3.8 litre Porsche Motorsport
CR: 8.4:1
Turbos: KKK K24/26 996tt race units (converted for 993 fitment) with integral
Exhaust: large diameter, catless, Cargraphic race mufflers with heat
Cams: Specific to build, based on GT2 EVO solid lifter
Heads: Brand new set of heads converted to RS Tuning EVO spec including
twin plug and EVO sealing preparation, special lightweight thin stem valves as
campaigned in the RS 993GT2s ’06 race season.
Internal: Carrillo rods all new bearings.
Intercooler: Secan EVO
Programming: Bosch M5.2 on engine dyno, many hours??
Clutch: Lightweight flywheel with special organic clutch capable of holding
800NM ? feel is similar to standard.

Recently rebuilt new 3rd, 5th and 6th gears with wear items overhauled.

The car now has around 580bhp and 796Nm of torque which results in a top speed of 196mph (204mph is achievable with different wheels).0-200kph in 11.1s and 0-
300kph in 28.9s have been recorded at Bruntingthorpe.