Ducati 750 Café Racer



Vehicle Description

The 750 Sport was designed with the US market in mind. Marketed as the ‘Supersport’ in Europe the 750 is a mix between the chassis of the 750 F1 and the twin engine Desmodromic cooled the Paso 750. The 748cc L-twin engine drives it’s cams by belt and is fitted into a steel trellis frame based on the F1.

The exhaust, Marzocchi forks, brakes and 16″ wheels come from the Paso, but unlike the Paso the 750 Sport is very good in a straight line and delivers more kick and a lot of feedback.

As you can tell from the astounding exhaust system, this is a one-off custom item made from stainless steel. You will have to imagine how good it sounds!

All of the bolts have been replaced with stainless ones and even the throttle cable on this bike is custom made to give it a unique ‘quick throttle response’.

The cockpit on this Ducati has been tidied up a little, with the original switches being combined into a single-switch unit, allowing it to start on the button which is featured directly in the middle.

The 750 Sport also became known as the 750 S or the “Yellow Sport” as a way to distinguish it from the “Green Frame” of the 750 Super Sport or 750 SS.

This isn’t just a bike of beauty, the acceleration will see it do a 12.4s standing quarter mile with a top speed of 128mph.

This bike sounds great wherever it goes and is a real head turner.

Additional information

0 to 60

4.6 Seconds


75 BHP

Body Style


Engine Capacity


Top Speed




Engine Layout