Evo 200 RS200 Homage


Vehicle Description

Ford designed and built the RS200 to compete in Group ‘B’ rallying. The glassfibre body was styled by Ghia and due to Ford’s limited experience of working with fibreglass the task of building them was given to Reliant (of Robin fame!). The chassis was designed by former Formula One designer Tony Southgate. Early results raised a few eyebrows and the future looked rosy. However, all of the promise came to a premature end when Group B was banned after several deaths.

A few years later Dick Sellicks and Peter Baisden decided to build a replica in their spare time. This snowballed and a company was set up to manufacture these beautiful cars. Public launch was at the National Kit-Car Show at Stoneleigh where interest in the RS200 was rekindled by the public and media. Over the following years, more of these supercars graced our roads with over eighty kits being manufactured.

This stunning example is based on Ford Sierra running gear and Ford Cosworth engine. Inside Cobra fixed back racing seats with TRS harnesses, lightweight door cards, Momo steering wheel and a digital dash complete the feel of a stripped out racer also fitted with genuine RS magnesium alloys. Electric windows and mirrors add a degree of comfort.

The standard of work is high and should be seen to be appreciated.