Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe


Vehicle Description

Engine Capacity: 3164cc
Transmission: G50 5 Speed Manual
Mileage: 105 509
Body Style: Coupe
0 to 60: 5.60secs
Top Speed: 152Mph
BHP: 231

In stock now is this lovely Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera coupe. First registered on the 1st August 1988 (new registration day) by AFN Porsche in London the car is finished in black with linen leather. Having covered 105,509 miles from new the car, being one of the last 3.2 Carreras is fitted with the more modern G50 gearbox.

A car we last sold in July 2014 the car is fitted with the fully electrically adjustable seats, electric sunroof, mirrors and windows.

In 2008 the car went to La Rose Porsche, who have done quite a substantial part of the servicing, for a full cosmetic overhaul including bare metal respray costing £4488 with photos showing the car being worked on.

A superb service history is present, so many services (27 in total) that the service book is full and we have had to start a new page.

14/09/88 at 1414 miles, AFN Porsche London (supplying dealer)
02/03/89 at 6102 miles, AFN Porsche London
13/11/89 at 12460 miles, AFN Porsche London
14/05/91 at 19254 miles, AFN Porsche London
16/06/92 at 24320 miles, AFN Porsche London
15/07/93 at 30789 miles, AFN Porsche London
26/11/93 at 37410 miles, MD Services
05/03/94 at 42536 miles, Pickup Motorsport
11/12/94 at 50657 miles, AFN Porsche London
11/12/95 at 57077 miles, AFN Porsche London
26/06/97 at 62130 miles, La Rose Porsche
30/07/98 at 66026 miles, La Rose Porsche
No Date Stated at 66966 miles, Paul Devyea
24/10/00 at 70148 miles, La Rose Porsche
09/11/01 at 75270 miles, Jaz Porsche
30/09/02 at 78281 miles, Jaz Porsche
18/12/03 at 84321 miles, Jaz Porsche
11/11/04 at 87341 miles, Jaz Porsche
16/11/05 at 88806 miles, Jaz Porsche
11/12/07 at 94800 miles, Paul Devyea inc new clutch
14/11/08 at 94953 miles, Paul Devyea
18/11/09 at 98929 miles, La Rose Porsche
04/11/10 at 100220 miles, La Rose Porsche
10/02/12 at 100873 miles, us including our sales preparation
26/02/13 at 101702 miles, us
10/07/14 at 102680 miles, us
2015 – mileage and details to be confirmed.

A very well cared for example of the ever popular Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera, with one of the best service histories you could ever ask for.