Porsche-Diesel Standard 217 T

  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T
  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T
  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T
  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T
  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T
  • Porsche-Diesel 'Standard J' 217T

In the early 1930’s Dr. Ferdinand Porsche started design work on the “people tractor” right along with the design work of the “people car”. Eventually, both designs materialized into historical products that are still enjoyed by thousands of people 60 years later.

This very early and unbelievable unique tractor design from day one (1934) already included a hydraulic coupling between engine and transmission. This was a distinctive design criteria and requirement of all Porsche-Diesel engines used in tractors until the last model produced in 1963. There was a special reason for this requirement. Engineers in the 1930’s believed that farmers in those days were not able to handle a clutch properly when shifting gears. Interesting!

Through numerous tests this design led to a fully developed air-cooled diesel engine with a power range from 14 hp to 55 hp. By the early 1950’s Ferdinand Porsche had designed 4 basic models, 1, 2 , 3 and 4 cylinder models which all have individual and interchangeable cylinders and heads.

After WWII only companies in Germany who were producing farm tractors during and prior to WWII were allowed to continue producing those tractors. Since Porsche was not one of these companies, but had a very modern and unique design, it signed licensing agreements with the German company Allgaier GmbH and the Austrian company Hofherr Schrantz. These two companies used the Porsche engine design and called their tractor: Allgaier – System Porsche and Hofherr Schrantz – System Porsche.

By 1956 Mannesmann AG decided to get into the tractor business and bought the license for the Porsche diesel engine design and the Allgaier tractor design.  Porsche-Diesel tractors were produced until the end of 1963 by Mannesmann, when an international “arrangement” was made with Renault to service the Porsche-Diesel tractors worldwide.

Between 1956 and 1963 over 125,000 Porsche-Diesel tractors were produced, many of them still in daily operation on farms all over the world.

This tractor is a 2 cylinder 1643 cc Standard 217 T, manufactured in 1960 and sold new to a Belgium farmer.  After a typical farming life, it was stored for some 20 years before purchase in 2016 by a dealer, and subsequently in early 2017 by the present owner.

Parts are difficult to source, although limited items are available in Germany and Ireland.  Body parts are scarce. All panels, which were corroded or badly damaged, were sandblasted repaired or re-manufactured locally.  Pistons & barrels have been replaced and all electrics; loom, lights, switches, fusebox fitted.  Brakes refurbished


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